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​We Are One Of The Law Firms In Our State Focusing On This Unique And Nuanced Area Of The Law. Every Day, We Help People Like You Protect Their Rights their Families, And Their Future.

We are Uniquely Prepared to handle the most challenging trucking accident cases. We bring Experienced knowledge And Resources To Your Side. We Understand Commercial Motor Vehicle Cases. we know how to design Effective legal strategies. When you choose our law firm, you can be confident that we can take your case as far as necessary to be successful.

We pride ourselves on honesty and clear communication. Trucking accident injuries Are complex. We take time to explain your case Including The Obstacles You May Face, and the alternatives Which may be available. Ultimately, You Control Your Case With Our Expert Advice To Guide You.

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​​For decades, 5th Street Law Firm has been dedicated to helping people in New Mexico and elsewhere with personal injuries of all Types.